Premium Metallic Pigment Watercolor Sets with Smart Watercolor Brush

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  • Metallic flakes inside each watercolor block

  • Vibrant, highly saturated pigments

  • Create unique blending effects

  • Refillable hard case included with all sets

  • BONUS - Refillable Smart Watercolor Brush included with all sets

A must have for all watercolor artists. These high quality watercolor sets will make your artwork sparkle like you've never seen before. 

With metallic or pearl flakes inserted in each watercolor block, you will be amazed at how vibrant the pigments are. You have to try them for yourself to experience the full effect.

Comes in 2 sizes of 5 or 8 color blocks securely packaged inside a portable hard case with lid. Each block can be removed from its tray and refilled once emptied.

Choose between Gem, Pearl or our Starry sets or why not try them all with our bundle discount.

BONUS - All sets come with a free Smart Refillable Watercolor brush. Perfect for plein air painting!

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