120 Slot Smart Foldable Pencil Case

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Our new 120 Slot Smart Foldable Pencil Case is finally here. 

The easiest, most convenient way to store and transport carry colored pencils is in this stylish 120 slot pencil case. 

Having each individual pencil visible and organized is much more convenient than using a pencil box to search through for what you need. No more wasting time looking for the right pencils. 

Multi-purpose case: Dedicated slots for eraser and sharpener. You can use this for ordinary pencils, colored pencils, gel pens and fineliners. It even holds larger pens like markers thanks to the inside elastic loops.

It gives you easy to access to the pencils without taking up a ton of space while open and folds back into it's compact shape for storage and transportation.

Portability: There is a build in handle for easy carry. 

Size: 24X21.5x6.5cm

Estimated delivery time: 
US/Canada/Australia/EU: 7-25 business days
Rest of the world: 2-5 weeks