In addition to our fantastic prices, we've managed to negotiate FREE worldwide shipping with several carriers. That means no matter how big your order or where you live in the world, shipping and delivery to your door will always be free.

Estimated delivery times depends on where you are located in the world. Please read our FAQ for detailed information on shipping and tracking.

Once your order has been fulfilled and left our building you will receive a notification.  Depending on the circumstances and inventory levels, it may take longer than usual. 

We always do our best to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.


We use a variety of shipping carriers, the most common being:

Order Tracking

The tracking requires up to 10 days to update once the order is processed. Please wait until it has updated. When you receive the shipping confirmation, the tracking link will be provided. 

Shipping Rates

We offer free worldwide shipping! We are not responsible for potential import duties that may be applied for your specific country.


Please read our Return Policy.

For t-shirts, mugs & cell phone cases only, if the package is returned for any reason (wrong address, broken, etc.), send it back to the address listed on the package within 30 days and we will take care of it.

For Design Tools, please contact us here with your product and reason for return within 30 days and we will take care of it.