Premium 18/25/33/42 Watercolor Wheel Set

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Our best selling Premium Watercolor Wheel Sets gives you new possibilities to carry your watercolor set with you wherever you go.

The unique foldable design of up to 42 colors allows for a easy transportation and will make your field trips more enjoyable. 

Not only does all sets include color cards and an integrated watercolor mixing palette but as an additional bonus, we'll also give you a Smart Refillable Watercolor Brush for free with all sets.

✅The colors are fade-proof, pigment rich and easy to blend to create an endless range of colors to satisfy both the beginner and seasoned artist.

✅Once the trays are empty, refill with watercolor tubes and re-use. 

We recommend using the set with our Refillable Watercolor Brush Set and Watercolor Sketchbook for best results.

Try these sets once and you'll never go back to a traditional set again, especially if you enjoy plein air painting or want to take your watercolors with you when traveling. 

We've shipped thousands of these sets to happy customers worldwide. It's your turn to see why our Watercolor Wheel is a must have in your art supply arsenal.

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