BTS Metal Fountain Pen

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You know the feeling of getting a personalized, handwritten letter in the mail. It's special and rare these days. It shows that you care.

Handwriting is becoming a thing of the past. 
We want to change that. Send someone you care about a personal, thoughtful letter this holiday season. 

The perfect hand written letter requires a great pen and we have it for you with our handcrafted BTS Metal Fountain Pen.

Resembling the beak of a falcon, the nib flexes more easily than a normal nib, resulting in line variation reminiscent of traditional brush and point pen calligraphy.

It's perfect for adding a sophisticated flair to your everyday writing and for creating beautiful calligraphy without the hassle of using a dip pen.

From nib to barrel, the finished product is a beautiful balance of form and function that demonstrates our commitment to outstanding craftsmanship. You unscrew the barrel of the pen and stick the nib down in the ink bottle and turn the cartridge to draw the ink up and fill the pen.

The weighted metal casing rests perfectly in your hand while the rubberized grip surface makes writing a pure pleasure while the ergonomic design makes the pen suitable for both left and right hand writers.

Comes in 9 beautiful finishes. 

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Type: Fountain Pen with built-in filling mechanism. No need for a cartridge.
Writing Point: 0.5-2mm
Material: Full metal case
Weight: 32g


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