Refillable Watercolor Brush Set

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Experience watercolor painting in a new way with our squeeze flow refillable watercolor pens! 6 brush sizes in each set from fine tip to broad brush.

"I love them. They are great with water colour pencils. Less mess, and convenient."

How does it work?

Simply unscrew the top, fill the Smart Brushes up with water, mix in color on the brush hair and squeeze the handle gently as you paint. It's that easy!

  • Perfect for field trips or in your home studio. 
  • Your workflow will become much smoother since you eliminate the step of having to re-soak the brush. Super smart!
  • Use the broader, flat brushes for larger color areas of your paintings and the fine tip brushes comes in handy when working on details.
  • Works with inks too!

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Package Quantity: 6 pens/set

    Estimated delivery time:
    US/Canada/Australia/EU: 7-20 days
    Rest of the world: 2-5 weeks


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