3 Piece Nylon Water Brush Pen Set

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Gorgeous set of 3 Watercolor Brush Pens.

3 DIFFERENT TIP SIZES: Each set comes with 1X Fine, 1X Medium, 1X Broad tip.
VERSATILE: Use brushes with watercolor, watercolor pencils, or ink to create beautiful paintings or calligraphy.
HIGH QUALITY NYLON TIPS: Unlike other similar water brushes, the high quality nylon hair brush do not spread while painting, giving you more control.
EASY TO LEARN: Controlling the water flow becomes very easy within the first few tries.

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Body Material:  Plastic
Weight: 38g.
Function: Watercolor
Ink Filling Type: Repeated Filling
Writing Point: Fine Medium Broad tip.
Package Quantity: 3Pen/box

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US/Canada//Australia/Europe: 1-3 weeks 
Rest of the world: 2-5 weeks


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