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Watercolor for Beginners - Painting the Ocean

Watercolor for Beginners - Painting the Ocean

This video it's all about watercolor for beginners! In this watercolor tutorial for beginners, YouTuber makoccino will show you the essential watercolor supplies you will need, such as watercolor paints, brushes, paper and other things, the basic watercolor techniques and also how to paint ocean and water under the sea.

With this video you will learn how to use watercolors using easy watercolor techniques to create your own watercolor paintings.


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Jane Christensen calendar_today

grat information

Nancy calendar_today

I love this….am only as limited as I allow myself to be.

Thank you….informative and educational…

KERI TITLEY calendar_today

I love watercolour. Thank you for the video, it was great to learn those tips.

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